15 mph

We’ve spent a lot of time explaining why we designed our helmet to meet the NTA 8776 safety standard. The CPSC standard only requires helmets protect up to 15 mph, and with e-bikes going up to 28 mph it's important for people to have a helmet built for them. But, is 15 mph protection good enough for people riding a standard road bike? The answer is simple: no. 

Perhaps during the 70’s bikes couldn’t go much faster than 15 mph. Frames were likely heavier, and the technology likely wasn’t as good as it is today. In today's world, however, it is very easy for someone on a road bike to reach speeds of 20-25 mph. That's nearly ten mph faster than their helmet can keep up with! Riders going down hills, racing friends, or even just on a nice flat open track can easily pass 15 mph without any sort of motor or pedal assist advantage. 

That's why when we designed our helmet we also wanted it to be the same weight as a regular bike helmet. We wanted our helmet to be adequate and comfortable for both e-bike riders and road bike riders. So if you like our helmet but don’t ride an e-bike, don’t worry! Our helmet is perfect for you too. 

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