Dutch market sets new speed pedelec helmet standard with Euro-wide ambition

The Dutch market has outlined a new standard (NTA 8776) for helmets suited to speed pedelec riders.

With riders hitting 28 mph or 45 kph with assistance, the new standard will offer riders an opportunity to explore helmets that aren’t specifically designed for moped users.

Having been in consultation since November 2015, the standard has taken place under the flag of the NEN, the Dutch Standardisation Institute. A group of experts held frequent consultations with the industry and helmet makers throughout the first half of 2016 and as of today has published the standard’s requirements of protective gear manufacturers. The likes of Abus, Accell, Kask, MET and many others took part in the process.

As has been the case with classifying electric bikes, the standard is expected to roll out beyond just the Netherlands and it is anticipated that within three years NTA 8776 will apply elsewhere in Europe. The Dutch implementation has been pushed through with changes to Dutch law due from January 1st.

To be permitted to place a speed pedelec helmet on the market and to be able to use it on public roads, the helmet now has to contain a mark of approval which can be found in Annex B of NTA 8776. This mark of approval is tied to an accompanying certification process. Both the mark of approval and the certification process are still in development. At the latest before the 1st of January the mark of approval will be inserted into NTA 8776.


Official Source: https://cyclingindustry.news/dutch-market-sets-new-speed-pedelec-helmet-standard-with-euro-wide-ambition/

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