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Xnito Unveils the Reveal Yourself Mask

San Francisco Startup Concept Applies RPA Technology to Improve Covid-19 Life 



Xnito, a San Francisco startup, announces the immediate availability of the Reveal Yourself Mask, which enables people to emerge from the anonymity of wearing a traditional mask by instead wearing one with their own face printed on it. Customers can upload a picture of their face, and Xnito’s robotic AI technology automatically renders the image onto a custom mask and ships it within 7-10 days. Xnito is the first company to make custom masks that feature your face widely and commercially available. The company hopes that the Reveal Yourself mask will foster more human connection in a socially distanced world.

Technology Positively Impacting the COVID-19 World
A recent SF Weekly article discusses the adverse psychological effects of having our faces covered during our interactions. Anna Sanchez writes, “Our rational minds know that wearing a mask is a necessity, but our limbic systems, which control our emotions, register a keen sense of tribal separation when we encounter individuals with obscured faces. Numerous studies confirm what we know intuitively — empathy is felt when we can see a person’s facial expressions.” Xnito’s Reveal Yourself mask aims to help alleviate the social impact of covering our faces and living with forced anonymity. By being able to see each other’s faces, people wearing these masks may be able to
connect more easily and empathically.

The masks are machine washable and are made from an outer layer of polyester and an inner layer of bamboo fabric, which has been cited as one of the best materials for mask production due to its filtering density and ability to dissipate moisture due to dry-wicking properties. The design
doubles as a headband and can also rest around the neck when not being used as a mask. 

Reveal Yourself Mask Availability
Reveal Yourself Mask is available immediately and can be purchased directly from the website 

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Xnito is a startup based out of San Francisco. 

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