This past week a couple of members of the XNITO team had the opportunity to head to Las Vegas and attend CES 2022. For those that are unaware, CES stands for the Consumer Electronics Show, and it is a massive expo for both startups and big businesses to go and show off the new technology they are working on. Though the Omicron surge hurt attendance a bit this year there were still hundreds-if not thousands-of companies showcasing their products. BMW debuted a color changing car, SkyDrive debuted a zero emission flying car, and the UK company Engineered Arts displayed an AI robot that could speak to people and tell jokes (the jokes weren’t that funny, but I wasn’t going to tell it that).

Aside from the groundbreaking vehicles and the sneak peek at the impending robot takeover, there were a lot of other products on display as well. Smart home technology has made its way to kitchen appliances and household goods. Remote control toilets and microwaves you can control with your phone, exercise equipment that monitors your body in real time to maximize your performance, and massage chairs that look like spaceships were all on display and available to try. 

One product that we saw a lot of was personal electric vehicles. At both the startup level and the big business level, companies were displaying the latest advancements in electric vehicle technology. They had batteries that could last longer and charge faster, bikes with higher speeds and more safety features, and some really, really cool looking vehicles. One thing that they didn’t have, however, were helmets to go along with these new bikes. Despite all the effort to improve bike speed and safety, no one thought to invest in helmet technology. Fortunately the XNITO team had them covered. 

At our booth we had the final prototype for our XNITO helmet, and it was a smash hit. The electric vehicles on display were very popular, and piqued a lot of people's interest. What they didn’t know about these vehicles is that their regular bike helmet would no longer protect them. We had a lot of fun showing people the difference in safety levels between standard helmets and our helmets. Our integrated lights helped attract attention to the booth, and we received nothing but positive feedback over the course of the show. As we get closer to our indiegogo launch, CES was the perfect opportunity to show off our helmet, spread the word, and get some great feedback from potential customers. 

Author: Benjamin Dai

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