Xnito – The New E-Helmet Company That Keeps You Safe 2024

Author: Robert Walter

Source: Electric Ride Lab

Date: October 29, 2022

Xnito is a leading manufacturer of high-quality electric bike helmets. Since its inception in 2020, the brand has grown into a company that is recognized by cycling enthusiasts for its quality, innovation, and design.

As e-biking becomes a part of life for many of us, there is no doubt that it is essential to wear protective headgear. Not only does wearing a helmet prevent serious injuries, it also increases overall safety and comfort levels.

There are different types of bicycle helmets out there, each offering their own unique features. However, only a few are designed to handle Class 3 speeds. Xnito is one of the few brands that designs helmets for this purpose. 

If you own a Class 2/3 e-bike or a performance electric scooter, and have been looking for helmets that meet the minimum safety requirements for riding any of these machines, you may want to read this article to the end.

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Who Owns Xnito Helmets Company

Xnito was founded in 2020 by Benjamin Dai. The brand started out as an e-commerce company selling n95 masks before shifting its attention to bicycle helmets designed for high-speed impacts.

Before founding Xnito, Benjamin used to run an IT consulting firm called Tunabear Inc.. The company is still in operation, in Dallas, TX. 

Why Xnito Helmets Company Needed to Exist

Generally speaking, regular bike helmets are not designed to provide protection at high speeds. The average bike helmet will only protect your brain if you crash at speeds under 15mph (24kmh).

This wasn’t a problem, until a new, much faster, class of electric bikes were released into the market.

The emergence of faster electric vehicles warranted the creation of stronger, much more safer helmets. This is where Xnito comes in. 

Xnito is known for selling affordable helmets built to the NTA-8776 standard. Their helmets are rated for speeds of up to 28 miles an hour (45kmh) and often cost less than other NTA-8776 certified helmets.

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Where Are Xnito Helmets Made

Xnito helmets are designed in the United States and manufactured in China. This is the same business model that a lot of big companies in the United States use. 

They design a prototype locally and outsource the manufacturing in a country where the cost of manufacturing is significantly lower. Apple, for instance, designs its products (the iPhone, iPads, MacBooks, smartwatches, etc.) in its California headquarters and manufactures them through a global supply chain.

Are Xnito Helmets Any Good

Xnito has a 5-star rating on (with 58 reviews from verified buyers) and a 4.7-star rating on Amazon (ranking among Amazon’s Best Sellers in the “Adult Helmet” category).

Xnito helmets are functional, durable, easy to use, and affordable. Their helmets are also built for riding in almost any condition. You can use them during the day, at night, or under light rainy conditions.

If you have any issues with the quality of their helmets, you can always reach out to their customer support team. Their customer care agents are very knowledgeable and respond to queries quickly.

What Makes Xnito Unique

Xnito helmets are unlike most bicycle helmets available on the market today. The brand prioritizes durability, rider safety and comfortability over advanced functionalities like Bluetooth connectivity, speaker, fall detection, etc, This is why their helmets are known as some of the most durable in the industry.

 In this section, we go through some of the things that distinguish Xnito helmets from other regular bicycle helmets.

1) Their Helmets Are Built to the NTA-8776 Standard

This means that they provide more protection than regular CPSC- and CE-certified bike helmets. As stated earlier, most bike helmets on the market today are rated for speeds under 15 miles an hour. 

This makes them inappropriate for use on S-pedelecs and other micromobility products  that are capable of reaching speeds of up to 28mph. Xnito helmets are designed for this specific purpose.

They have been tested and found to be very effective at mitigating damage to the head when you crash at speeds up to 28mph. Xnito helmets also provide higher levels of protection for delicate parts of the head including the temple and the back of the head. 

2) Xnito Helmets Are Lightweight

The Xnito Old School Logan is among the lightest e-bike helmets you can get on the market. The helmet weighs about 0.83lbs, which is a little under the average weight for most helmets in its class.

In the table below, we compare the Xnito Old School with some of the best bicycle helmets out there.

3) Their Helmets Come With a Detachable Visor

Visors help shield cyclists’ eyes from direct sunlight and debris sprayed in the air by other road users. However, they also have their disadvantages. For one, they restrict your field of view and make it a bit difficult to stay aware of your surroundings.

Visors also impede a rider’s speed (since they cause drag). This doesn’t mean that they are generally bad for cycling. On the contrary, as stated earlier, having a visor on your helmet can prove to be very advantageous under certain conditions.

However, they’re not suitable for every situation. Bicycle helmets with removable/detachable visors are usually more versatile in this regard. Xnito has a great lineup of e-bike helmets with removable fabric visors and they’re available in different, stylish designs. 

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4) Xnito Helmets Come With Front and Rear Lights

If you plan on doing some night-time riding, using an Xnito helmet could help improve your visibility to other road users. Their helmets are equipped with waterproof front and rear LED lights that last up to 10 hours when fully charged. 

5) Xnito Ships Its Helmets to All Us States for Free

If you are looking for a helmet that can be shipped anywhere in the United States, there is no better option than Xnito. The brand has been shipping its products to customers from all across the country, for free, since 2020. They also offer expedited delivery options at an extra fee.

6) They Offer Free Replacements for Damaged Helmets

One thing we really like about this brand is their warranty; All Xnito helmets come with a lifetime warranty.

If you damage your Xnito helmet, the brand will replace your it with a brand new helmet. And unlike other brands that make the process of claiming a warranty strenuous, requesting a replacement from the Xnito team is pretty straightforward by calling their customer support team.

They might, however, ask that you provide them with feedback on how the helmet got damaged so that they can continue to work on making their helmets more durable.

7) They Offer Deep Discounts to Delivery Riders

Xnito runs an incentive program that allows delivery drivers to buy their helmets at a discounted prices. To qualify for the program, riders must show proof that they’re really delivering goods. Riders who can provide this evidence get either a deep discount or sometimes a completely free helmet.

All Xnito Products Models

1) Xnito Disco

The Disco is one of Xnito’s most affordable helmets. Like all other Xnito helmets, the Disco is rated for speeds up to 28mph.

It comes with vents that help distribute air throughout the helmet, keeping riders’ heads cool. The helmet is also very lightweight (weighing about 0.83lbs [0.375kg]).

It is equipped with a dial-fit system that makes it suitable for different head sizes.

2) Xnito Gull

The Xnito Gull comes in two sizes; Large (L) and Medium (M). The “L” size is built to accommodate heads that measure up to 24 inches round while the Medium size can only take heads under 22.8 inches in circumference.

If you own an electric scooter, an e-skateboard, or an electric bike that maxes out at speeds exceeding 20mph, this might be the best helmet for you.

3) Xnito Hemp

This one comes in beige color and is equipped with front and rear lights. The helmet has an extra-thick layer of EPS, providing even more protection than regular bike helmets. 

It can also be adjusted to fit your head so much so you can hang your head upside down — with the chin straps undone — and it still won’t fall off.

4) Xnito Lightning

The Xnito Lightning is an NTA8776-certified helmet designed for use on low-powered EVs capable of attaining speeds of up to 28mph. It comes with front & rear lights and is built to the IPX4 water-resistance standard.

It is currently one of the lightest e-bike helmets on the market, tipping scales at just under 0.84lbs. The helmet is suitable for use on roller skates, electric scooters, e-skateboards, electric unicycles, e-bikes, etc.

5) Xnito Logan

The Xnito Logan is an industry-leading lightweight electric bike helmet designed specifically for those who ride at speed levels reaching or exceeding 28mph. Unlike traditional bike helmets, this one features a unique outer shell made from a durable yet lightweight material. It also features integrated LED lighting at both the back and front for enhanced visibility and safety.

Other features include an easy-to-adjust strap tension system and ten ventilation ports to ensure air flows freely around your head.

6) Xnito Urbanite

With one of the lowest weight ratings on the market (0.83 lbs), the Xnito Urbanite can be used on everything from electric bikes to electric skateboards. 

The helmet comes equipped with a removable face guard for added protection against debris. It is also highly resistant to rain and snow due to its waterproof shell construction.

7) Xnito Valkyrie

The Valkyrie is just like every other Xnito helmet. It comes with a detachable visor and is equipped with front & rear LED lights. It is also rated for speeds of up to 28mph.

Final Thoughts

Xnito’s goal has always been to bring innovation to regular products and they have managed to do that with their durable helmets. The brand is currently working on launching other revolutionary products to the market.

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Author: Eliana Bustamante

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