Must-Have Accessories


One of the best parts of cycling as a hobby is how simple it is. You just need a bike, a helmet, and maybe a lock and you’re good to go. But when you really start getting into it you realize that there are things that could make it better. Little gadgets and toys that will make your experience easier and more enjoyable. Here's a quick rundown of a few must-have accessories for cyclists who want to make their ride easier:

  • Repair kit: One of the best things about cycling is how little maintenance there is. For the most part you just need to put air in your tires once a week, and get a safety check once a season. Outside of that, repairs are typically easy and not super time consuming. Unless of course, you need a repair in the middle of a ride. One of the best things to have if you’re putting a lot of miles on your bike is a bike repair kit. There are tons of options online for lightweight repair kits that can help you out with virtually any problem you may have on the road. The best part? You can get ones that attach directly to your bike. No need to bring a backpack and no chance you’ll forget it at home. 


  • Hydration pack: The one thing all cyclists have in common is simple: we all need water. It doesn’t matter the climate, the terrain, the type of bike, or the type of intensity. Most bikes have water bottle holders on the frame, but these come with a few problems. They can only hold one bottle at a time, they can be difficult to reach, and sometimes even dangerous, and you have to make sure your water bottle fits. Some people are ok with this; but if you're not, do yourself a big favor and get a hydration pack. It's a small backpack that fits a 2 liter water pouch and a tube that straps to your chest. You can sip while you ride without having to reach, and it holds a lot more water than a standard water bottle. Perfect for longer rides.


  • Lights: Depending on where you are, lights may not be an accessory as much as they are a necessity. Some cities require cyclists to use lights at night and it is a ticketable offense to not use them. But whether or not this law applies to you, investing in a good pair of lights is one of the best safety decisions you can make after wearing a helmet. Being able to see cracks and debris on the road after dark is incredibly important, but even more important is your visibility to cars. Reflectors are one thing but having bright lights to alert other vehicles that you are on the road can be life saving. 

The best part about accessories is that you get to decide what's for you and what's not. Heres a few examples of some accessories that can make your ride much more enjoyable, but there are plenty of other gadgets and toys out there that may suit you better. If you have any other examples let us know! And keep your eye out on our website, as you may see some XNITO brand bike accessories in the near future.

Author: Benjamin Dai

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