Save Your Noggin With This Excellent E-Bike Helmet

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Author: Scott Kramer

Source: Forbes

Date: November 7, 2023

With plans to ride my ebike to coffee early one morning last week, I suddenly panicked that it would still be dark out. My bike has a nice light on it, but my body not so much. My wife always insists that I wear bright colors while riding so that I’m more visible. But then I remembered that a company sent me the new light-up xnito Logan “old school collection” bike helmet made deliberately for e-bikes. It offers protection at up to 28 miles per hour. So I pulled it from the box and was wowed.

First of all, it has a bright headlight in front. And then in the back, it has a long red-light panel that can be solid red, blinking or flashing red, or a wavy pattern red. All are eye-catching. I opted for the blinking one on my ride. Then I put on the helmet and realized I could dial in a custom fit to perfectly and comfortably cradle my head. If that wasn’t enough, it comes with an optional visor I can easily snap into place, to block out the sun. By the way, that eliminates my tendency to always wear a baseball cap underneath my helmet. And finally, the padded chin strap doesn’t just snap in place. It works by magnet to not only snap together but stay together while I’m riding. And when I want to release it, I just slide the two panels. So simple, so smart – why doesn’t every helmet have this system?

The helmet weighs just 0.83 pounds and has 10 air vents built into it that will keep your head cool. By the way, it’s not just for e-bikers but also for people who ride electric skateboards and scooters, roller skaters, bicyclists, unicycle riders, and anything else that moves and exposes someone’s head.

The battery for the lights is USB rechargeable (cable is included), and the lights get up to 10 hours per charge. The lights are also resistant to water. So you needn’t worry if you find yourself caught in a sudden downpour.

I can’t help but think this is an amazing holiday gift buy. It’s available in nine different color combinations. And if it’s ever damaged in an accident, the company will replace it for free. It’s so much more impact-resistant – and more attractive – than regular old bike helmets that typically protect riders only up to 20 miles per hour, and much lighter than those heavier motorcycle-style helmets that enclose your head and have those slide-down face shields.

Since I started wearing it, several other cyclists have asked me about it. I think they notice its cool and sleek looks first, and then ask about the large and noticeable light panel next. The lights are eye-catching, which is exactly what you need to help stay safe on the road. At one point on my early morning ride, a car was about to make a turn in front of me and then I locked eyes with the driver who suddenly stopped. I am completely confident it was the front helmet light that he saw that compelled him to stop.

Author: Scott Kramer

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