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This past year has been a wild ride! Our helmets first hit the market in February, and since then we have been working hard to make our safe e-vehicle helmets accessible to all e-vehicle riders U.S. Like for many small businesses, it’s best to shop for our helmets directly on our website, and here’s why. 

Whether shopping on our website, at a bike shop, or on Amazon, we are grateful. But, this is why buying on our website helps us the most: Shopping on our website allows us to receive your order directly and process your payment to our small business directly - without any third party interference taking a part of cut for us to continue on as a small company and produce more safe helmets for people who need them. 

Third party sites take a large fee for every sale we make, and for this small business, every penny counts. 

And, there’s the customer service aspect. It’s best to know who made your product or grew your food, right? Well, the same applies to e-vehicle helmets, too. When you shop directly with XNITO on our website, you are able to contact us directly and vice versa. We love taking care of our customers, making sure you received your order as you ordered it and in a satisfying way. 

We appreciate third party sites, because our helmets are more accessible to people that might not have known about our safer option for e-vehicle riding, the XNITO helmet. But shopping on third party sites, also means you will be taken care of by that third party site’s customer service team, too – not ours. The third party sites hide customer information from us, so we aren’t able to get in touch with customers for future promotions or if someone for some reason was unsatisfied. We take pride in our customer service and want to be able to help all customers to the best of our ability, so let us take care of you!

If you or someone you know isn’t on our emailing list, sign up here. And, following us on social media is a great way to keep up-to-date with our news, new products, and any promotions we have going on. 






Way to ride safely, and thanks for shopping directly with us on our website!

Author: Benjamin Dai

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