Bicycle Helmets for the 2022 Season



Date: January 1, 2022

Summary: Concussion awareness has forced manufacturers to offer some form of technology claimed to mitigate rotational force in 2022. New helmet liners are pushing beyond the thin layer MIPS slip-plane and providing a thicker inner layer that can deform directionally. Virginia Tech has published independent test results confirming better performance of some models, although there is no consensus that their protocol accurately predicts concussions. We have a page listing models where their recommendations match high impact performance reported by Consumer Reports. Consumer Reports says your first consideration in buying a new helmet should be rotational impact energy performance. We think fit, coverage and a well-rounded smooth exterior are more important in the widest range of dangerous impacts.

Rotational energy in a crash can be reduced by a helmet's external shape. If your helmet has points in the rear you might want to consider replacing it with one of the newer, better rounded models. And if you believe that a helmet liner can reduce your chance of concussion you should consult the Virginia Tech ratings and those of the Swedish consumer publication Folksam. Their test protocols may be arbitrary, but with no standards for that type of testing they are all we have.

Consumer awareness is also requiring new models with better coverage, mostly designated as "trail" designs. Once you adjust them in front, some of them do not offer more coverage in the rear. There are more smart helmets and more new ebike helmets are appearing.

If you live in the UK, there is the first custom-fitted bike helmet from HEXR. This 3D printed model marks a new era in helmet manufacturing. It could even lead to scanning heads and matching them to conventional off-the-shelf helmets to find the best fit.

Almost all of the helmets on the US market meet standards and offer good if not excellent protection, although you can find junk and counterfeit helmets online. We recommend looking for a helmet that fits you well, pleases you as wearing apparel and has a rounded, smooth exterior with no major snag points.

Manufacturers reported skyrocketing demand in 2021 as cycling increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some began building new production facilities although post-pandemic demand is unknown. The pandemic has caused some supply-chain problems, with disruptions of both manufacturing and shipping. Retail stock levels are considered low. In late 2021 power restrictions in China disrupted production at some helmet factories. Inflationary pressures are rising. That is bound to result in fewer discounts and an increase in prices in 2022.

If you buy a new helmet you can wash it with mild detergent before using it to make sure no active COVID virus remains on it. The same treatment is best for your daily use helmet.

Since we have no longer able to research this information at Eurobike we are now using a rolling update for this page, dating each review.


Xnito has a single ebike helmet, introduced in 2022. It meets the Dutch NTA standard, and has a well-rounded shell with angular graphics to avoid the skate style look. It has larger vents than a skate helmet, but much smaller than a typical road model. It has LED lights front and rear. Has removable liners for summer and winter, but the vents would be really small for summers in the US. Although the website mentions a "hard shell" the weight indicates that this is a thin shell helmet. We have not seen one. Fits heads 22 7/8 to 24 1/8in (58 - 61cm). Comes with a removable fabric visor. Retail is $150.

Author: Eliana Bustamante

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