Public Safety Notice: Authorities Urge Immediate Discontinuation of Certain e-Scooters Following Deadly Incidents

eScooter Residential House on Fire


In light of recent, devastating events, authorities are urgently calling for the halt of the usage of specific electric scooters. This warning comes after a heartbreaking accident that resulted in two fatalities, including a child, caused by a fire sparked by the scooter's battery. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) relayed this critical alert on Monday, pinpointing the Toos Elite 60-volt electric scooters, marketed under the “Zooz” and “Toos” labels.

The catastrophic event unfolded on April 10, 2023, within a New York City residential building. Investigations by the fire department attributed the origin of the fire to the e-scooter's lithium-ion battery during its charge cycle with a 48-volt charger, supplied by Toos. The CPSC has emphasized that this model of the Toos Elite scooter lacks the necessary safety certification from a recognized testing facility based on pertinent UL safety norms.

In a public advisory, “UL Solutions has publicly discredited these specific 48-volt chargers for carrying illegitimate UL marks,” stated the CPSC. “The detailed reasons behind the battery igniting remain unclear. However, due to the absence of rigorous safety examinations and approval from certified institutions, we advise consumers to cease using the Toos Elite 60-volt electric scooters, irrespective of the charger used.” It was also brought to attention that Toos Urban Ride has not executed an official recall in alignment with standard protocols. Efforts to reach Toos Urban Ride for a statement were unproductive, with CBS News noting that the company has since shut down operations.

The CPSC is urging users to report any hazardous incidents linked to the Toos scooters or their charging devices via

Continuing this safety-first approach, more than fifteen products faced recalls recently due to potential hazards, as documented by This trend persists, with five new consumer warnings issued this month. Among these, three bicycle helmets—Kopobob multi-use children's helmets, Cyclingsell Zacro helmets, and Vera Natura helmets—have been identified as failing to provide sufficient protection during crashes, increasing the risk of serious head injuries. Additionally, concerns have been raised about generic Infant sling carriers sold through several online outlets, including,, and, due to non-compliance with federal safety criteria, posing fall and suffocation hazards for infants.

Source: K104.7

Author: Benjamin Dai

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