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Date: September 11, 2022
When it comes to choosing a bike helmet, Class 3 eBike riders need something that is both stylish and safe. The XNITO Bike Helmet is the perfect solution for those who are looking for the best of both worlds. This helmet is lightweight and easy to wear, but it also offers superior protection thanks to its innovative design.
In addition, the XNITO Bike Helmet also comes with cool features like rechargeable front and back bright LED lights and fully ventilated.

The XNITO is a bike helmet designed for Class 3 eBikes and scooters, which means it’s designed for eBike riders traveling at higher speeds. And while it’s still lightweight in design, the XNITO can withstand impact at those higher speeds – making it the best helmet for eBike riders. But the XNITO isn’t just about safety.

It also has some great comfort features like fully ventilated and rechargeable LED lights. And of course, it looks good too! So if you’re an eBike rider, make sure you check out the XNITO Bike Helmet. 

What We Love About The XNITO Helmet

There’s tons of things to love about the XNITO Helmet, lets dive into what we love the most.

Safety First

When it comes to safety, the XNITO bike helmet is in a league of its own. It meets or exceeds Dutch nta-8776 certification, which means that it offers more coverage at the temple and the back of the head with better impact absorption materials. The Dutch market has outlined a new standard (NTA 8776) for helmets suited for riders traveling at higher speeds.

With riders hitting 30 mph (or 45 kph) with assistance, the new standard will offer riders an opportunity to explore helmets that aren’t specifically designed for moped users.

Better than US Standards

The United States relies on the CPSC standard created in the 1970s, which only requires protection for riding speeds up to 15 mph. Even with MIPS enhancement, you only get a 10% increase in protection for rotational shear impact, while the NTA-8776 standard provides an 87% increase in overall protection.

Long story short: you’re getting a safer helmet.

The first thing you’ll notice: the lights!

The XNITO bike helmet also has bright LED lights in the front and back, so you can be seen day or night. By pressing the button on the back, you can cycle through three different patterns (always on and two different flashing patterns).

The front LED light is white and the back LED is bright red. The image above shows the three different modes that e-bike riders can select from.

And if your battery starts to run low, you can easily recharge The Xnito Electric Bike Helmet via a standard USB cord. It’s easy to charge and you don’t need some special charger, just a standard USB charger will work perfectly here.

Ventilation: super important

In terms of ventilation, the XNITO is also made to let your head breathe, literally. It has vents in the front and back to allow air to flow through the helmet and keep your head cool.

And if you live in a hot climate or tend to get sweaty when you ride, this is definitely a feature that you’ll appreciate.

Unique Styles

Personally, I like very plain bike helmets. Luckily, XNITO has both super unique designs and fairly plain designs.

I tried the Urbanite, Old School Collection – which is just a classic matte black design. XNITO also has helmets with bright, fun colors and designs if that’s more your style.

As I mentioned, I really like the Old School Collection, but others may not care for the old school collection, and that’s ok.

The Fit

Honestly, the fit on the helmet was great.

Removable Visor

Designed to keep you comfortable. This helmet designed for the motorized bike space helmet comes with a removable fabric visor to keep the sun out of your eyes.

Who The XNITO EBike Helmet Is For

The XNITO eBike helmet is best suited for Class 3 eBike riders who are looking for a stylish, safe, and comfortable helmet. It’s also a great choice for those who want a helmet with cool features like LED lights and USB charging. And if you’re looking for a unique gift, the XNITO is an excellent option.

What We Didn’t Like About The XNITO Helmet

We have two very small gripes about the XINTO Helmet, but they aren’t deal killers by any stretch of the imagination.

I know this sounds weird, but if you start riding your bike and it is bright out already, there’s no need to turn on the lights in bright sunlight. However, after doing a review of a bike (check out all of our eBike Reviews and our eBike Guide), it got dark.

I wanted to turn on the lights, so I hit the button. No problem.

However, it was tough to tell if the lights were on when I was riding and the helmet on my head. Obviously, I could have taken the helmet off and checked, but that would have been a pain.

It would be nice if there was some sort of visual indicator on the helmet itself (maybe a small LED that is always on when the lights are on?) to let you know that the lights are working. But this is a minor gripe and certainly not a deal breaker.

The latch

I recently tried out the Thousand helmet and got spoiled by the magnetic latch on their helmets (read our Thousand Helmet Review). There’s no way to get the dreaded “pinch” when putting on a helmet and you can easily take on and off the helmet with one hand.

The Bottom Line

The XNITO eBike Helmet is the perfect choice for Class 3 eBike riders who are looking for style, safety, and comfort. It’s also a great choice for those who want cool features like LED lights and USB charging. And if you’re looking for a unique gift, the XNITO makes an excellent option.

If I know I won’t be out and about after the sun sets, I probably will use my Thousand Helmet. The magnetic latch just makes it so easy to put on and take off, even with just one hand. The XNITO helmet is also lighter weight and has better ventilation.

Honestly, they are both great helmets and it’s nice to have more than one.

So if you are in the market for a new helmet and you want something that is both stylish and safe, the XNITO Bike Helmet is the perfect choice for you.

Also, don’t miss our ultimate eBike Guide and our best eBike Accessories.

I think that I’ll be using the XNITO helmet anytime I might be out as it starts to get dark, just for the added safety of the bright LED lights.


Author: Eliana Bustamante

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