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Between a bike and a motorcycle helmet

Everyone knows the story of Goldilocks: One porridge was too hot, the other too cold, but one of them was just right. It's a story everyone learns because it provides a useful message: most things are at their best when they don’t fall too close to one side of the spectrum. Well, the XNITO helmet is sort of like that.

See, in the helmet world there used to be two options: a bicycle helmet or a motorcycle helmet. The bicycle helmet is designed to protect riders at speeds up to 15 mph. Motorcycle helmets on the other hand are designed to protect riders up to 60-70 mph. The problem is that a lot of riders are hitting speeds of 20-30 mph. The standard road bike typically goes 15 mph on a flat road, but when going downhill it will hit speeds of 18-23 mph. E-Bike riders are able to go 28 mph on flat surfaces with ease. 

So what option do you have if you’re hitting these faster speeds? The bicycle helmet is going to be too little protection and the motorcycle helmet is going to be too heavy and unventilated. Well now we have the XNITO helmet. The helmet that keeps you safe at these higher speeds while also keeping you comfortable. You no longer have to choose comfort over safety. XNITO ties them both into an awesome stylish package, perfect for any conditions. 

Author: Benjamin Dai

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