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XNITO Partners with San Francisco Bicycle Coalition for Event on Sunday

winterfest san francisco xnito

SAN FRANCISCO – XNITO is excited to announce a new partnership with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. On Sunday, November 6, 2022, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition will hold the organization’s annual event Winterfest 2022, giving away two e-bicycles each with an XNITO helmet for safe riding. 

Throughout the year, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition hosts events to increase awareness about bicycling and e-bikes. At these events, the coalition has e-bike giveaways – and that’s where XNITO comes in: Every e-bike winner will also get an XNITO helmet at no cost to pair with their new e-bike. 

“An integral part of XNITO is safety. Our goal is to provide helmets to e-vehicle riders to increase safety. This partnership is a great step towards a safer world for e-bike riders and cyclists alike,” said Ben Dai, XNITO President and CEO.  

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has been working for forty-five years to promote bicycle use and bicycle safety in San Francisco. The group founded by a group of activists in 1971 has worked hard to make the streets of San Francisco safer to bike on, and members spread awareness of the joys of bicycle riding through events and other group activities. In recent years they have begun promoting e-bike use as well. 


XNITO provides high quality e-vehicle helmets that hold to the world’s highest e-vehicle helmet safety standards and aims to increase awareness about current safety needs regarding increasingly popular e-vehicles. XNITO is one of the first companies to manufacture e-vehicle helmets with updated safety standards that fit current, modern day e-vehicles and make them available to U.S. consumers. 

Author: Benjamin Dai

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