Xnito's Exciting Journey: (e)revolution and Electrify Expo Recap and Upcoming Events

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Xnito, the cutting-edge helmet brand dedicated to providing superior head protection for e-vehicle riders, recently embarked on an exciting adventure by attending the (e)revolution and Electrify Expo trade shows. The experiences were nothing short of extraordinary, with opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, showcase our innovative helmets, and immerse ourselves in the dynamic world of e-vehicles. In this article, we recap our exhilarating journey at the (e)revolution in Denver and Electrify Expo in San Francisco while also announcing our upcoming appearances at the Electrify Expo in New York City and Washington DC.

(e)revolution: A Thrilling Ride in Denver, Colorado:

Xnito kicked off its trade show journey at (e)revolution in Denver, Colorado, held from June 8-11. The event proved to be a fantastic platform for us to share our vision of providing state-of-the-art head protection for riders of Class 3 e-vehicles. We had the pleasure of meeting passionate individuals, industry experts, and fellow e-vehicle enthusiasts. The event was filled with engaging discussions, informative sessions, and exciting demonstrations, all contributing to a memorable experience.

Electrify Expo in San Francisco: Igniting Inspiration:

Following the success at (e)revolution, Xnito eagerly attended the Electrify Expo in San Francisco on June 24-25. The bustling atmosphere and electric energy of the city perfectly complemented the innovative and forward-thinking spirit of the event. We had the privilege of connecting with a diverse range of attendees, including e-bike riders, e-scooter enthusiasts, and industry professionals. Our booth showcased our cutting-edge helmets, providing an opportunity to demonstrate their unique features and discuss the importance of head protection in the world of e-vehicles.

Exciting Upcoming Events:

Building on the momentum of our recent trade show appearances, Xnito is thrilled to announce our upcoming attendance at two major events: the Electrify Expo in New York City on August 12-13 and in Washington DC on July 22-23. These events are renowned for bringing together the most innovative brands, thought leaders, and passionate individuals in the e-vehicle industry. We are excited to showcase our exceptional helmets, engage in meaningful conversations, and forge new connections at these highly anticipated gatherings.

Connecting with the E-Vehicle Community:

Xnito takes immense pride in being part of the vibrant and dynamic e-vehicle community. We are deeply grateful for the incredible support and enthusiasm shown by attendees at (e)revolution and the Electrify Expo in San Francisco. These events have allowed us to connect with individuals who share our passion for safety, style, and the remarkable possibilities offered by e-vehicles. We are committed to continuing our journey, contributing to the growth of the e-vehicle industry, and promoting the importance of superior head protection for riders.

Attending the (e)revolution and Electrify Expo in San Francisco was an unforgettable experience for Xnito. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who visited our booth, engaged in insightful conversations, and shared their enthusiasm for our innovative helmets. As we eagerly anticipate our upcoming appearances at the Electrify Expo in New York City and Washington DC, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. We have a limited number of tickets to give away for each show. If you’re interested, contact us at Together, we can further the advancement of e-vehicle safety and pave the way for a future where protection, style, and sustainability go hand in hand.



Author: Benjamin Dai

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