Why E-Bikes?

Electrical bikes, also known as “e-bikes,” are often thought of as a great alternative to the bicycle. But why? 

Here are the main reasons why people use e-bikes: 

  • Riding  longer distances.
  • Carrying more cargo, including children.
  • Easier riding for older adults (especially those experiencing any ailments), enabling more frequent riding than on a bicycle.
  • Reducing smog and energy use.
  • Using it as city transportation in major cities.
  • Encouraging more bike trips because of convenience.

Riding longer distances and carrying more cargo

A big perk to using an e-bike over a regular bike is that riders can carry more and go farther. On a regular bike the weight of the cargo will weigh the bike down, making it harder to pedal. E-bikes give riders more freedom to run errands or travel with children because the weight won’t affect the ease of travel nearly the same as on a standard bike.

Easier riding for older adults

For riders who are older or who have new problems, e-bikes make it easier for them to exercise. E-bikes aren't nearly as much strain on the knees or the heart for those who have any current or had any past ailments. Anyone, especially older adults,  can get exercise and fresh air and not feel like they are putting themselves at risk. All of this makes traveling long or short distances easier. 

Reducing smog and energy use, especially in major cities 

Compared to cars, e-bikes are a much greener alternative. By using an e-bike instead of a car riders can reduce the amount of smog in the atmosphere, and keep their carbon footprint low. They aren't usually much more expensive than a regular bike, so making the switch isn’t nearly as financially daunting as getting a motorcycle or car. But as the world makes a push to focus on green alternatives, it's becoming increasingly clear that many people are using their e-bike when they would typically use their car. 

Encouraging more bike trips because of convenience

With the ability to travel at higher speeds while exerting less energy, riders are able to travel farther distances, and they are able to recover in between rides faster. This means that riders can spend more time on the bike trail, and go for rides more frequently. 

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Author: Benjamin Dai

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