THE DUTCH NTA-8776 E-Bike Helmet Certification

NTA standard vs American standard

The Dutch NTA-8776 standard has yet to hit the US market, but it is already considered the safest standard for e-bike riders. The Dutch NTA standard protects people at speeds up to 28 mph.  

Do You Need a Special Helmet for an Electric Bike? (Explained)

When you’re riding an electric bike, as opposed to a regular bike, you’re bound to go much faster because of motor assistance and/or throttle. Depending on your e-bike, you might even be able to go up to 28 mph.   Official Source:

Dutch market sets new speed pedelec helmet standard with Euro-wide ambition

The Dutch market has outlined a new standard (NTA 8776) for helmets suited to speed pedelec riders. With riders hitting 30 mph or 45 kph with assistance, the new standard will offer riders an opportunity to explore helmets that aren’t specifically designed for moped users.

Helmets for e-bikes and other light powered vehicles

What helmet do you need for one of those vehicles? Some light powered vehicles are no faster than a bicycle, leading to speculation that a bicycle helmet could be adequate. We would not recommend that for several reasons:


Each state has its own bicycle helmet laws for e-bikes. It also depends on what type of e-bike that you ride. Here’s a breakdown of the class types:

NTA-8776 E-Bike Helmet Certification and Its Importance

Amidst a fast growing market of e-bikes it is increasingly important that rider safety remains a clear focus and priority. New e-bike specific helmet safety testing and institutionalized certifications (NTA-8776) have been created...