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Great News

It's been a while since we have updated you on our XNITO journey, so let's catch you up to date! In the past couple of weeks we have been super busy strengthening our efforts to make XNITO more visible. This past week we received some great news in that regard. An electric bike shop in San Francisco has agreed to display our helmet in their showroom, and make the helmets  available for purchase. We are hoping to find more shops around the country willing to do the same, so keep your eye out! 

We have also launched a campaign to boost social media support-and support for our helmets! We are asking our customers to post pictures or videos of your helmet in action on social media with the hashtag #XNITO. Send us your post and we will send you a free bike repair kit or 25% off your next XNITO purchase. Keep an eye on your inbox for more information!  

Over the course of the summer we are planning to announce a few more creative ways we are planning to get our message out there so stay tuned for more, and as always Happy Riding!

Author: Benjamin Dai

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