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Who are we

Xnito is a San Francisco startup founded in June 2020 during our collective Covid experience.
People are going faster on e-scooters, e-Bikes and other insanely fast e-vehicles, while being more distracted than ever before. People are upgrading their bikes but are not aware that they also need to upgrade their helmet protection.  We took on the challenge of not only designing a helmet that can protect people at higher speeds but also the harder task of educating people about the critical differences between CPSC vs NTA standard - knowledge that can actually save their lives.

OUR Story

We designed retro helmets utilizing unique manufacturing methods and materials which created jobs for dozens of struggling indigenous people. The helmets gave people a chance to represent their diverse cultures and provide for their families. Once masks mandates died down, we realized we feel most fulfillment when protecting people in our global community. 

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We bring unique and interesting products that represent the epitome of good design, injecting technology methods and concepts that allow us to push the envelope of what is possible. Underlying all of our products is an ecological focus - by delivering products that are of the highest quality and durability, we strive to make them the last ones you will need to buy.