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Our Journey

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XNITO is a San Francisco-based startup founded in June 2020 during the height of the COVID pandemic. Xnito was founded to save lives because of the huge chasm in protection between bicycle and motorcycle helmets. Ben, our founder, realized most e-bike riders had no idea that a simple bike helmet was inadequate to protect them at higher speeds.

It was about four months into our collective Covid lockdown, and I was riding on the Embarcadero bike path on my newly purchased ebike. Thrilled to be pushing 24 mph without much effort when a guy on an e-skateboard blew past me. I was shocked not only was this guy going probably 30 mph on 3-inch wheels, but the fact he wasn't even wearing a helmet. That moment made me question whether I was safe wearing my old bike helmet on my ebike. This was when I discovered that the helmet standards in the US were out of date and only provided protection for up to 15 mph. It was the moment that I realized that people needed something in between a bike and a motorcycle helmet. The rest is history. - Benjamin Dai, CEO & Owner

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