Father’s Day Special: Free Shock-Absorbing Handlebar Cup Holder with Helmet. Add Both to Cart!


Hello XNITO family! Its been a minute since we’ve given you an update on our campaign, so we wanted to catch you up real quick on all the important things that have been happening behind the scenes. The last couple of weeks we have been prioritizing our two biggest goals: marketing, and getting our helmets onto the shelves of bike shops. In the marketing department, we have hired two new consultants that are doing wonders for us. Helping us contact agencies, organize our plans, and strengthening our ads. We have also been working on a social media campaign that is going to launch over the course of the next few days. Keep an eye on your inbox for an exciting offer! On the retail side of things, we have been working hard to reach out to as many bike shops as possible. Hopefully you will see our helmet at your local bike shop in the next couple of months! That’s all for this week, happy riding!

Author: Benjamin Dai

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