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Our eBike helmets have safeguarded countless riders from serious injuries. These are the real, powerful stories of protection and safety that inspire our relentless innovation and dedication. Every rider's story fuels our mission to create the safest, most reliable helmets on the market.

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"I rode about 20mph down a gravel path against high wind, the wind caused me to lose control and I started swerving, couldn't save it. It was a hard slam, first time slamming my head when Onewheeling, but the helmet took the headshot like a champ, no concussion. I'm honestly amazed at how okay I feel."

Max Ernst

"This helmet is a life saver, been riding onehweel for about 8 months now, had a few great falls, including shattering my left wrist, I needed a great helmet for greater falls, this helmet saved my life on many occasions, especially due to pot holes and other stuff the roads and trails throw at me."

Noah Dewey

"The bike lane that I was traveling in had unmarked construction in it. I saw it and tried to skirt around it. I struck the corner of the cut-out cement, which caused my front tire to blow out and send me flying. The helmet hit the side of the pavement and I suffered no head injuries beyond some soreness to my neck. The interior foam held its integrity quite admirably. Thank you for designing a safe product!"

David Robert

"I was on my standing electric scooter going down a hill. I breaked a bit more suddenly than I normally do. I then skidded, lost control of the scooter and fell. My arms caught most of the impact but in the process I hit my head. I don’t have a concussion, so the helmet did a good job."


"When I bought 2 escooters last year, I decided to upgrade from bicycle to scooter helmets. Wore XNITO helmet every single day, logging over 600 miles. Then came a day while traveling 18 MPH I had a terrible fall forward crash onto the pavement. Broke nose, facial bones, 9 teeth, and wrist. The helmet took initial impact where that could have been my skull & brain smashed. Doctors are amazed at how I didn't suffer a concussion or head trauma."

Sam Gachupin

"I bought an e-bike and decided to upgrade my helmet.The learning curve for the bike translated into several spills where the pavement met the head/helmet. But none of those compared to my last crash coming into the garage - crazy, I crashed and my head hit the car's trailer hitch.I would have shrugged it off but then I saw the damage to the helmet. I sent this photo to the company just to thank them and say that it saved my life. The company immediately sent me a new helmet - without asking!"

Joy Gwaltney

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Look who found us on the web


Look who found us on the web


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