Father’s Day Special: Free Shock-Absorbing Handlebar Cup Holder with Helmet. Add Both to Cart!

All seven e bike helmet styles will be available on our storefront

e-bike helmet


Happy Friday followers! I’m sure you are looking forward to the weekend as much as we are. This week has been a busy one for us! We have done a ton of work to revamp our website and make it look as professional and exciting as possible. Our online store is launching next week, and we need to make sure everything is perfect! We have mentioned it before, but we’ll mention it just one last time: once our store opens, our Indiegogo campaign will end. So now's your last chance to take advantage of some of the discounts we’re offering on Indiegogo. But if you don’t have time to get your helmet on, Indiegogo doesn't sweat it! All seven helmet styles will be available on our storefront. Have a great weekend and happy riding! 

Author: Benjamin Dai

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